Workshop format and registration

Workshop format

The workshop will take place in a hybrid online/in-person format. Attendees and talk/poster presenters may decide whether they want to attend online or in-person.

There will be one single Zoom meeting for all talks as well as the poster session, the link will be sent by email to all registered (online or in-person) participants.

The talks presented in-person will be streamed online, or those presented directly online will be streamed on campus for the in-person attendees. In both instances, asking questions will be possible for both types of attendees. The poster session will take place over Zoom – see the poster list tab.

The recordings will be made available to all registered participants once the workshop is over.

Coronavirus related rules

  • There may at most be 89 (half capacity) in-person attendees in the lecture room. If necessary, priority will be given to those presenting a talk.
  • Masks have to be worn inside and hand sanitizer will be made available. Plexiglas protections between the speaker and the audience should allow for the speaker to avoid using a mask.
  • The ETH venue administration reserves the right to cancel the in-person attendance on short notice depending on how the situation evolves. This appears relatively unlikely but is obviously beyond our control.

The following document provides additional information:


There is no registration fee whether participating online or in person.


To register for online attendance, please fill in the following form:

To apply for in-person attendance, please fill in the following form. We will send out confirmation emails on a regular basis in a first come first served manner for non-presenters. We will reserve the necessary number of spots for talk and poster presenters up until Sunday, August 8th, after which we will open up the remaining spots to non-presenters. Do not make travel arrangements before receiving the confirmation email! Note that there is no need to fill in the online registration form if you filled in the in-person application form, even if your application gets declined: a declined in-person application form is equivalent to an online registration form.

For any questions regarding the registration process, please ask Mischa or Victor.